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This 20 minute Beautiful Birth hypnosis audio is a wonderful way to prepare mind and body for bring a baby into the world. After giving birth four times, with and without hypnosis I can attest to the difference doing this preparatory work makes. Listen every day in the six weeks leading ups to your due date. Not only is it a lovely relaxing meditation during pregnancy, it wires your mind to trust life and the birthing process.

I have really put my heart into this and I believe these words, if you let them in, are deeply healing.⠀
Listen to this 17 minute long hypnosis audio for 30 days every day and you will rewire your subconscious beliefs.

This guided full RTT session regresses you back to the root causes of why you have issues falling or staying asleep along with uncovering the role, function and purpose of the part of your mind that runs this exhausting behaviour. Once you have uncovered how you created the program that now holds you back from a full restful night's sleep, we will rewire your mind for deep, uninterrupted sleep over 21 days with a hypnosis recording that you can go off to sleep with each night.

Sex is such a gift. When we can truly open our hearts and bodies we can experience the greatest pleasure, connection and love. This hypnosis recording wires the mind and body to be more sexually responsive, enhancing pleasure and the ability to become aroused. If it brings up any difficult feelings it may indicate that deeper work would be beneficial. Listen for 21- 30 days at least once a day, undisturbed, ideally with headphones. This recording contains binaural beats which help to induce an alpha brain wave state, allowing you to become more open to the positive suggestions contained in this recording.

With all the uncertainty in the world at the moment with the spread of the Corona virus (Covid 19) it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. It is well-understood that chronic stress can lower our immunity so I decided to create this hypnosis audio to help you build phenomenal coping skills, presence and to also give your body's immune system positive suggestions to keep it functioing at its optimal level. Using a unique method called Cell Command Therapy (CCT) developed by my mentor and creator of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Marisa Peer, this hypnosis speaks directly to the cells of the body, leaving you feeling strong, healthy, robust and calm.

Ready to find out what's been holding you back when it comes to financial abundance? This guided RTT session will give you deeper understanding of the ways you have been sabotaging financial success through allowing you to revisit scenes from your early life that shaped your beliefs about money. With your new understanding you will be able to update these beliefs at a subconscious level which will in turn upgrade your relationship with money. The abundance recording will then solidify these new abundant beliefs over the 21 days. This is an investment you will see a definite return on.

Do you have a voice in your head that criticises you, puts you down or tells you it's no use trying? A voice that holds you back, sucks your motivation and keeps you stuck? This voice is often called the Inner Critic. When we are little we have another voice that is more like an Inner Coach. It cheers us on, tells us our needs will be met, our feelings matter and most of all that we CAN DO IT! This self-guided RTT session and hypnosis audio will help you to understand how the voice of the Inner Coach ever became quiet and why the Inner Critic took over. Once you understand how this happened, you will then be able to reinstall your Inner Coach and silence the Inner Critic so you can grow, flourish and really step into your potential and purpose.

An eight week programme for women wishing to heal deep emotional wounds, combining Rapid Transformational Therapy and Metacognitive Coaching. Whole Healed Woman is an immersive journey for brave, committed women who are ready to heal the root causes behind the emotional symptoms at a deep level for good. The self-guided programme includes:
• 6 weekly video coaching sessions in metacognitive training and mindset coaching
• 2 pre-recorded, self-guided Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions
• 4 hypnosis recordings to rewire and heal your mind over the course of the programme
• An exclusive closed facebook group where you can share your experience and get advice
• 6 weekly group coaching sessions with Natalie live over Zoom

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