These guided hypnosis sessions will guide you to the root cause of issues you've been unable to resolve with your conscious mind. This understanding in hypnosis will free you to create new beliefs that will in turn upgrade your life. And the bonus? You can repeat the sessions whenever you come to your next ceiling, so you can keep levelling up!

Inner Guidance Activation


The unexpected key to so much of my happiness and success? Reconnecting self trust. I believe self trust is as important as self love. When we don’t trust our gut instinct, when we indeed can’t even hear our inner guidance, we can make decisions that end up going terribly wrong – and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

INCLUDES: A 51 minute guided RTT session to take you the key scenes from your life where you ever started to doubt yourself. Once you see how it happened, you will be a able to undo it easily with my guidance and then the Inner Guidance Activation hypnosis, complete with ambient music and binaural beats to activate the suggestible alpha brain wave state, installs new beliefs around self trust, confidence, listening to your heart’s desires and following the inner guidance, over 21-30 days.

Vibrant Visibility Activation


Too many of us are looking sideways to what others are doing, seeing their success and happiness, thinking , “Ok so that’s what I have to do”! But what this other person who feels so magnetic in their presence is DOING, is coming out of THEIR true BEING. 

That’s why it is so extraordinary and magnetising. You cannot replicate it. You can try but it will be empty.  The only thing you can do to be more of who you are, is clear everything in the way of you shining in your true nature.

This is what Vibrant Visibility is about. 

INCLUDES: A powerful guided Transformational Hypnotherapy session to uncover your unique root cause behind fear of judgement/ rejection, and a beautiful hypnosis audio to help you dissolve these fears so you can show up authentically and fearlessly.

Integrity Activation


A transformational journey of self-guided Transformational Hypnosis to shed the skin of people-pleasing and self-abandonment and reconnect to UNCOMPROMISING SELF RESPECT.

If you’re prone to over-giving and burning out, if you find yourself overwhelmed with feeling you have to do everything yourself, and you desire more balance and spaciousness in your life, this is for you.

INCLUDES: A powerful guided Transformational Hypnotherapy session and a beautiful hypnosis audio focused on healing habits of self-compromise and instilling robust self-respect and self-love.

Absolute Abundance Activation


Absolute Abundance Activation includes a full guided hypnosis session first to uncover and weed out the resistance to abundance before we plant new seeds which upgrade your mind and open you to a whole new level of prosperity.

This is not your usual money blocks session. The guided session goes deep into uncovering your blocks to RECEIVING. This isn’t just about money. It is about so much more – opportunities, love, joy, success and yes, money.

The Red Tent Online


An eight week online programme for women/afab with PMDD, combining Transformational Hypnosis and Metacognitive Coaching through self-guided sessions and weekly online lessons. The Red Tent for PMDD is an immersive journey for brave, committed women who are ready to heal the root causes behind the emotional symptoms of PMDD at a deep level for good, without medication or surgery.

This Sex is on Fire


Sex is such a gift. When we can truly open our hearts and bodies we can experience the greatest pleasure, connection and love. This hypnosis recording wires the mind and body to be more sexually responsive, enhancing pleasure and the ability to become aroused. If it brings up any difficult feelings it may indicate that deeper work would be beneficial. Listen for 21- 30 days at least once a day, undisturbed, ideally with headphones. This recording contains binaural beats which help to induce an alpha brain wave state, allowing you to become more open to the positive suggestions contained in this recording.

You Are Worthy


I have really put my heart into this and I believe these words, if you let them in, are deeply healing.⠀
Listen to this 17 minute long hypnosis audio for 30 days every day and you will rewire your subconscious beliefs.

Beautiful Birth


This 20 minute Beautiful Birth hypnosis audio is a wonderful way to prepare mind and body for bring a baby into the world. After giving birth four times, with and without hypnosis I can attest to the difference doing this preparatory work makes. Listen every day in the six weeks leading ups to your due date. Not only is it a lovely relaxing meditation during pregnancy, it wires your mind to trust life and the birthing process.